Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bring Bush Back

Three words I never thought myself to utter - Bring Bush Back - but no, I am not referring to US politics...

I've never really got the hang of a 'good' Brazilian - unless I pay a beautician - it kind of looks like Edward Scissorhands had a go..  Bush is good, I'm not talking 1960s rainforest, I'd just like something resembling an attempt at modesty.

According to The Frisky - predictions for 2013:

In - Balls, Period sex, Snap Chatting, Blow jobs in the bath, Bush Bush BUSH...,

Out - Sideboob, Fifty Shades.., and anal tattoos?!


  1. I like your sentence about "an attempt at modesty" (as, of course, I would!!!) . . . but I have to admit I do feel somehow, fresher and more "confident" after a waxing. And, my lovers all seem to always comment, compliment me on it. And Hubby loves it as well . . . so I really do think I would prefer to stay as "smooth" as I can. But it's all down to personal preference isn't it . . . and it is a little high-maintenance sometimes!!!!

  2. Of course I feel more confident after a wax! Although it feels more like a party popper *surprise* moment, as there is always that two week 'growth before wax timespan - and that onw week period timespan.

    So yes, I am waxed for one week of the month, pruned for the other week and the remaining two weeks are a blur...