Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy birthday Quiet Boy xxx

It's QB's birthday during the week.  I want to celebrate with him, he thinks he has plans with family, so maybe another night?

I get given the weekend before to celebrate with him.  Hooray!  The weekend at his is spent lovingly with treats, presents and birthday blow jobs.  I love being able to give him a spontaneous blow job and that's without it being his birthday.

On the Sunday morning, we're on the sofa.  I ask if his neighbours can see in through the window.  He didn't think so.  I demand to give him a blow job.  He looks as if doesn't want to say anything to jinx the moment, and makes some rather odd facial expressions usually seen on a silent movie star.  He wedges his hips and goes to loosen his jeans... 

I stop him. 

I slowly undo his flies right down to the last button and open the top of his jeans, and slowly find the button holding together the slip in his boxers.  He mutes the television, and although it heightens the atmosphere, it's unlike him to be so intense.

By the time his, now, extremely hard penis reaches my mouth, the pre-cum immediately hits my taste buds, he worriedly states he is going to ejaculate, now.  I continue.  The inevitable happens.

Happy birthday Quiet Boy xxx

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