Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So-so and then some

The so-so date

Polite drinking etiquette aside - we had NOTHING in common past the basics. Yes, we both liked to breathe. Yes, we both liked cinema - different genres of course. I was planning my escape from the get-go. It wasn't so-so, it was awful. God, my glass is half-full.

Since, I've had four more dates; one interesting, one embarrassing, one passionless and one just plain torturous. 

I think that I am in the wrong place to date, I don't mean geographically, but mentally. As such, the rest will probably sound like the ramblings of a woman destined to be bitter and twisted always.

The interesting date

He was interesting the date itself less so, afterwards through I realised that I didn't fancy him but I did enjoy his company. After a couple 'thanks for a great night texts' communication fizzled out. Looking back at it, he must have felt like he was being interviewed with the endless supply of questions I had for him.

The embarrassing date

He had to reschedule, then I did.  By the time we met, saucy text messages had been sent, received, lady-played over.  I arrived ten minutes late (thanks Victoria Line!).  I moment I sat down, I felt that the text messages were too intimate too quickly.  I could feel my cheeks  blush.  To counter my unease, I waffled without pause.  At the end of the night, we embraced, I went to kiss his cheek as he aimed kissed my mouth but unfortunately his lips landed on my ear.  Oh dear.

The passionless date(s)

We met for a quick drink in a favourite pub of mine. After the first or second drink there was little chemistry, I actually had the bottle to say that as he looked like he was falling asleep, we should go our separate ways. He looked shocked (see 'is it an ego thing?' from yesterday), we had dinner and it was pleasant and I laughed almost continuously.  We had an awkward train station embrace, half hug/half air-kiss.

We met up again, this time for a romantic picnic, although there was no romance.  A very asexual date.  As we parted, again, a weird half hug/half air-kiss.  He said he was going to call during the week that followed the picnic, he didn't, so I didn't.

The plain torturous one will have to wait until tomorrow...

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  1. Is it just me or does this seem far too much trouble. Surely you should know if you are attracted to someone as soon as the date starts, or even before the date starts if they happen to be a colleague, (although I don't think I have ever dated a colleague, although in my case I suppose bar staff qualify). Fuck, I have been pretty sure on most first dates if I was going to have sex with the lady in question.