Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sexually pop!

Woken in the middle of the night, in the dark my hand wanders into an erect penis, after half hour or so of playing he ejaculates (diligently clears up the spunk) and returns to sleep.

I was at a just-about-to-come-pre-orgasm.  I may burst.  I am wet and throbbing.  I am looking at him sleep wondering if he will recall his dawn climax?

In my head I am running through the options:

- Wake him and alert him to the fact that I am about to sexually pop!
- Use my left hand to finish myself off
- Use his left hand to finish me off
- Whip out my smallest yet strangely strongest vibrator to complete the task

Of course I won't actually do any of the above.  I'll go to the kitchen, fill a glass with cold water, return to my bed and snuggle up.

I'm a wuss.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ex stroke fling stroke thing

What makes an ex?

Little did I know this would be the year that ALL my exes would be getting engaged/married/civil-partnered-up, or at least seems like it - does that make me sound bitter? - I'm not, there's a reason I'm no longer with them...

Frend: Tried to call you yesterday, I saw your ex Pete, he's getting married!

Me: He's not really an ex...

Friend: You guys did have a thing once though right?

Me: Haha, we had sex. Once.  Thanks for remembering!

Friend: That's a kinda thing...!

Me: Hhhmmmmmm

Is dating dead?

Is dating dead?

I hope not.  I have a date this evening!