Thursday, 2 September 2010


I am at least still a little smug in the STD department - still clean as a whistle in the knicker area...  I wish I could say the same for my left arm!

Recently, I was left with a fungal infection.  Athletes foot of the arm, would that be called Athletes Arm?!  And you what? I didn't realise until a week later that Achilles had given me his lurgies...

NHS Direct has got to be the Patron Saint of Hypochondriacs, but there I was with real symptoms, and after seeing some anti-fungal pills in Achilles bathroom (I was NOT snooping - they were on display - promise!).

When I asked him about the anti-fungal pills were for - try getting anti-fungal into casual chit-chat - he is with a fungal nail infection - albeit a subtle one.  Now all I can think about is if *that* nail and *that* finger was anywhere near my vajayjay...

*tries googling - fungal nail infection vagina*

*tries googling - fungal nail infection vagina NHS Direct*


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I am battling a verruca on my knee...

  2. Ewww!

    Just be careful what you do with that arm...

  3. I had an bacterial infection in my mouth that left me with open sores on my tongue, sore throat and painful gums for about a week. to anyone else, it would have sounded like oral herpes.

    it wasn't.

    i checked.