Sunday, 5 September 2010

Desire: The Return

I'm can't pinpoint how the desire returned but when it did, I was immaculately post-coital.

I awoke with a spring in my step, colour to my cheeks, and all sentences however innocent were brimming with innuendoes.  Even ladyplays were hot and steamy rather than just about the end-of-day release.

Men are everywhere, attractive men, men I am attracted to.

I can't help but notice and evaluate crotches and fantasise about those crotches and my hand/mouth/ladygarden*...  I'm like a walking 1970s erotic film, "Oh the postman is here, he wants me to sign for his package...".  

Oh dear.

*Ladygarden...?  Why can't I just say pussy?!


  1. Why not? Because otherwise Ladygardening wouldn't exist as a word.

  2. I had the same problem walking down Regent Street yesterday. Ladies, ladies everywhere, but nothing to drink!

    Happy hunting.