Friday, 9 July 2010

The Two Men

I have a close female friend who goes out with the same type of man over and over again.  I wonder if she hadn't told us to expect a new man, we would be able to actually notice a new beau had appeared.  For he is always over six foot, a rugby build, an Oxbridge background and usually named "Thomas, but please call me Tom...".

Better the devil you know, right?!

Me, slightly smug in that I don't go for the same man repeatedly was suddenly dumbstruck:

I am attracted to the opposite of my last relationship, fling, embrace, which now to my horror suggests that one i.e. me can only do opposite once before being back with what I started with!

Like I said, I am attracted to extreme opposites.  I have relationships with the same TWO men.  My first live-in boyfriend was an Alpha Male, strong, almost arrogant.  He was quickly replaced by a sensitive, shy almost painfully so, artist stroke musician.  Then it was back to the extrovert, the God of Thunder and all things overbearingly loud.

Tall vs short
Extrovert vs introvert
Annoyingly loud vs annoyingly quiet

The list goes on...
The list goes in the bin...

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