Saturday, 31 July 2010

The ones that didn't get away... unscathed!

Fishy's countdown of girls that got away... had me thinking of my own escapees and near-misses and I couldn't think of anyone that that fitted that category AND I hadn't had sex with.  

These are those that got away AFTER we had sex:


The nice pretty boy.  We dated intensely as teenagers, I mistook his niceness for being boring.  He wasn't boring, he sent me a six page letter stating how much he cared for me, and how much his feelings scared him and how that debilitated his opinion on anything.  Barryless agreed with EVERYTHING I said, did, thought, until we broke up.  When I see him nowadays, I think what if,  but the power balance would never allow it - he still acts like a puppy around me - minus the uncontrollable urine.


If ASBOs were around when I was a teenager, he would have had the whole set.  He was the ultimate bad boy, but he was a little too wayward for my teenage kicks...  I left before his first arrest, imagine if I hadn't - I could have been the Bonnie to his Clyde!  Eeek!

Obi Wank 

He chased me, then I chased him. We had amazing sex.  We just didn't chase each other at the same time.  I would say I'm over him and never think of him, but that would be a MASSIVE untruth, there is even a blog dedicated to him, and all the things I should have said, would have done differently and could do...

That said if I had to choose being best friends for those years vs the unknown "what if"...  I would go for the solid friendship - at least that was real.  Even though we would be fucking great together. 

To be continued...

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