Sunday, 13 June 2010

World Cup Wonders

In the short time since World Cup 2010 kicked off, and already my testosterone levels have at least quadrupled.

My love of footballers and football fans aside for just a moment, men are glowing.

Even after a disappointing draw against Team USA, pubs are full of animated men, wanting to use the power of statistics to explain the possibility for England's World Cup win.  Yes, I do realise, that the last *cough* only England team to bring home the Jules Rimet drew their first match in 1966...

The winning formula seems to be men + football = happy men.

Here's to more football! (Although only if that does not include any more news reports of Robert Green's howler)


  1. Yes, but can you explain the offside rule to me?

  2. Of course I can. However, I find it better to visualise the offline rule using jars of condiments with one or two examples and after beer!