Monday, 21 June 2010

Who's the boss?

Although I have never dallied with the management, chances are - I will fancy a male boss.  Fancy is too strong a word, maybe crush is more appropriate.  It seems I can't help but admire an authority figure in a suit:

The Bashful Boss

Almost apologetic in nature, yet made of stern stuff when needed.  It must have been a couple of months before I saw him laugh, well actually, made him laugh and that was all that was needed for him to soften in my eyes.  I would defend colleagues' boring boss jibes,  as he wasn't, he was just cripplingly shy.

The Gay Boss

Even the gay boss!  He was highly-sexed, confident and always smelled incredible, mesmerising even.  There was one embarrassing phone call, when my opinion was 'lovely' and he thought I said 'love you'...

The Old Boss

Not quite collecting his pension, but at least 30 years my senior.  Success teamed with kind eyes, and a gorgeous smile and inner-assuredness that was so very attractive.

The Hot Boss

Conventionally good looking.  The protagonist of many a dirty dream.  Strong, charismatic, energy like a kid in a toy shop, unfortunately no attention span to speak of.  We were often mistaken for a romantic couple, that is our 'married banter' was.

The First Boss

He was a dynamic. Although our relationship was professional, I never thought that our chemistry was anything more than him being nice and friendly, and during the winter months, he used to give me lifts home.  Looking back, he must have have thought that there was something in the lifts, as he didn't want his girlfriend to know?! 

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  1. Oh yeah, something about an authority figure in a suit. Yum.