Sunday, 13 June 2010

Make like a tree and leave

Yesterday morning was a perfect example of why I don't like men staying at mine, even less so on a Friday and/or Saturday night.

How do you politely ask someone to leave?

I am reminded of when I was seeing an ex, The Rambler, he would know my work schedule and when I had a day off, he would want to hang out. 

One time, he just wouldn't take the hint. Not wanting to upset him, yet not wanting to spend the day with him, I said I had been called into work. Still, he didn't take the hint. 

In the end, I walked to the tube station with him in the pretence of going to work, only for him to wait for a tube for me - oh, what a lovely gent he was - not only was I dressed for work, I was now on my way to work! I got the tube one stop, and then returned home to bed. 

I was going to say I couldn't imagine doing that now that I'm older and more assertive, except I sort of did just that yesterday.

My excuse: I had an beauty appointment to get to, eventually. Finally, we both left mine. Him, to go home. Me, to go for a facial, three hours early!


  1. I thought all women knew the easiest way to get a guy to leave your place is to say "oh my children will be here soon, we are going to the park/zoo/swimming pool/cinema, want to join us".

  2. I don't want them to leave FOREVER! Just sometimes!