Saturday, 26 June 2010

Back in the Saddle

My first date in a long while.  My first date with someone I hadn't already had sex with in a long while...

The night before

I defuzzed, preened and conditioned.  I selected which clothes I would wear; cotton stockings, a (lucky) linen dress, small heels and my favourite earrings.

As I went to bed, I was thinking about my date, thoughts quickly turned to fantasies, I moaned his name as I quickly came to orgasm.  What is that about?!  Incorporating a new man into my fantasies so quickly, I imagined what he would look like naked, feel like and how he would enter me.  Well, it did the trick!

That morning

Instead of getting up early, I overslept by an hour, I rushed into the shower, slipped on some smart black jeans, with a cute t-shirt and went to work.  What happened to the lucky dress and stockings?!  In the rush I had forgotten that I even had a date that night, never mind what I had planned to wear.

The date

I got there early, he was late, and almost immediately any chemistry had evaporated.  He complimented me on my shoes, but followed it with a comment how girls shouldn't wear jeans.  I looked down at my own denim-clad legs and wondered if he meant my outfit. I bored myself, I couldn't seem to make conversation and kept it going with repetitive questioning.  Eventually I got it together, but any would-be-cute-innuendos sounded crass.

The kiss

At the end of the night, I was drunk.  Nervously I had managed to drink a bottle of wine, without dinner.  I wasn't slurring, but I was teetering...   We said goodnight and I went in for the safe peck on the cheek.

I've forgotten how to flirt?!  HELP!

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