Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Time-out Two

The morning after my time-out statement, I awoke fresh-faced with a spring in my step...  I then managed to have three dates in twice as many days.

Date one

I bumped into a man I used to work with, we were both busy for lunch, so met up for post-work drinks.  Without the colleagues that used to fuel our fire and more importantly conversation, there was awkward small talk, until he asked after my now ex-boyfriend.  Learning I was single excited him, and a night of passionate kissing followed.  In the cold-light of morning, I couldn't help thinking there was no loin-burning desire.

Date two

A bloke I was going to go out with before Christmas texted did I want to meet up?  I responded firmly with a "I've died in the time you said you were going to call...", this actually spurred a string of flirtatious texts.  As I arrived at the pub, I was greeted with kisses, one applied to each cheek.  Immediately I realised without being rip-roaringly drunk (as we had been post-Christmas) there was a void of any real chemistry.  Two drinks later and I was on a bus home.

(Post-)Date two

On the bus home I bumped into Jason.  He always looked pleased to see me and this time was no exception.  We fell back into old ways, and although I was oh-so-tired my body ached for a release, any release.

At mine, it was almost like being with a new lover, fresh skin.  His cock felt bigger in my hand, and all of sudden I remembered all the ways he liked to be touched.  We fucked twice.  The first time, hard and fast, the second, slowly, almost tantric.  After, however, I wanted to be on my own, to enjoy my post-orgasmic state, he asked if he could stay, of course he could?!

In the morning, as I was hoping there was time for a quickie, he jumped up, kissed me from head to toe and left, feeling a little frustrated!

(Non-)Date three

A quick catch up with an ex quickly became drinks, dinner and dancing.  As he looked into my eyes, I saw his pupils dilate and I was sure he was going to kiss me, but he didn't.  He stopped short.  I thought I was over this ex, but apparently not.

Is it just that he was one (of the ones) that got away? 

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