Sunday, 4 April 2010

Mr Smith and Just Friends

How predictable.

Mr Smith and I met up for premature birthday drinks, his not mine.  We did indeed have a brilliant night, we laughed our socks off and headed for one last drink in a candle-lit wine establishment.

I sat poised, he asked me not to freeze up.  I said I couldn't help it, I felt open and vulnerable.  He asked if we could go back to being just friends, he was in a better place and didn't or wouldn't think of me like that, he had turned it off.  The one drink did in fact turn out to be us sharing two bottles of red wine.

I asked if I suggested we booked a room in the hotel that we were in the shadow of, what would he say?  He said yes.  I gave him a knowing smile and tried to explain again that our friendship had never been innocent, I was tired of having the same conversation.

He caught his last train and I slipped into a taxi to meet friends.

Let's toast to just friends.

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