Sunday, 14 March 2010

This one goes up to eleven

Your Letters (in the Guardian yesterday):

Blind Date: He on her – pretty, clever, easygoing, a good laugh… 8 out of 10. She on him – chatty, friendly, inspiring enthusiasm for life… 8 out of 10. Would they meet again? Only as friends. What is wrong with this world when an 8 isn't worth a second date? No wonder there are so many single people out there.Will Davies London N1

I've never felt so meh towards dating.

I think about compatibility and compromise probably a little too much when it comes to meeting new people especially men.

I like single life too much to settle for someone that may tick some of my boxes but not enough and never all of them. In fact, and sorry if I am repeating myself, but if it wasn't for the urge of sexual contact, I could happily never go on a date again.

Dates are feeling more like interviews. An interview for a job, I'm not even sure I want.


  1. It's time to find that guy that feels the same way as you. I just went on a date, and OHHMMMGEEE. It was far from an interview, it was a nice clever way of getting to know each other and much more =]............But some guys sure know how to ruin the dating exp. lol