Saturday, 20 March 2010

The return of Mr Married

Mr Married's revealing email:  It stated that he and his wife had changed the terms and conditions of their marriage and he wanted to see me.  With everything that was going on with Mr Smith, I didn't think about it.

Last weekend I had received a couple more texts and emails and by Thursday I buckled.

With Mr Married, it had always been about the sex, I needed a sexual release, what am I talking about?  I still do.  I am wound so tightly, it's difficult to breathe.

I said that I was busy this weekend, he offered to be my plus one, I said yes.  I've since asked if we can change our plans, I'll see him Sunday night instead.  It's a mistake to see him, I will have to tell myself "I told you so", but maybe his body can be the medicine my body is in desperate need of, if only in the interim.

All I want to do is sleep.


  1. Sounds like bunk to me, "changed the terms and conditions of their marriage", what is that supposed to mean? In my experience getting involved with married people rarely works out.

  2. wow
    sounds fun, you have 2 guys wanting you. Is Mr. Married reallly really single ? Hmm..interesting. I am liking Mr.Smith though........Im looking forward to the next post