Friday, 19 March 2010

Mr Smith: Raspberry and limbs

Mr Smith asked me to stay the night so I did. Fully dressed and on top of the covers.

We awoke wrapped in each other, less dressed,and his neck kissing mine. We attempted penetration but it didn't quite work.

He headed towards my pussy as if to lick it to the world's end. I refused. I knew it was one of things his wife wouldn't do. I sat in silence, and then said "I'm not filling in the gaps". I certainly wasn't willing to be the opposite of his wife..

A few more minutes went by and I asked him to turn away from me, of course he took this as a punishment. I wrapped my free arm and leg around him and cocooned him with all possible limbs. I whispered "I deserve more". He agreed.

I got dressed and fed us both Raspberry Jelly. I collected my belongings and left. I cried all the way home.


  1. I don't think I have ever commented here.. I usually just lurk.. but somehow this post compelled me to say something: I was just curious when you tell your stories, are you talking about characters from your post or is this something that's happening now. Sometimes I can figure out, but I can't quite make it if Mr.Smith is someone you are seeing right now or is it someone you "dated" a while ago?

  2. I can't believe, after all I've read of your posts, that anyone could refuse or fail to give you all that you need. Incredible.
    Tell you what. In just over a week, I have a 4* Kensington double room booked, just me in it, and I'd be delighted to welcome you in, and provide everything you deserve. Those hours of animalistic sex until no bodily fluids remain ;)