Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mr Smith and Brief Encounter

When I asked Mr Smith what friendship he wanted to salvage from the mess that was 'us'.  He didn't know, he wanted it to go back to what we had previously.

We had been living out our own Brief Encounter.  Intense time together with non-penetrative sex.  We were our very own black and white film, darling...

I explained that our friendship had never been innocent, it had always been fuelled by flirting, innuendo, chemistry and an attractive amount dose of free speech.  It was open to the point of odd.

He asked me not to shout at him.  I wasn't.  I was being assertive.  I gave him an example of shouting.  More silence ensued.

He was sorry for taking me for granted. I said if we continued to be friends, I would probably be cold Thirty.  I can't help but build my defences, almost immediately.  Did he even miss me?  Or was it the hole I left behind?

This is probably my last post on Mr Smith for a while, we are going to catch up next week, but I can't stand the monotony of repetition and going 'round in circles. I'm already starting to heal.

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