Friday, 19 March 2010

Mr Smith and after the Kiss

Out of sadness and lust, I chose lust.  I suggested that we just go and fuck.  He shook his head, he responded to my suggestion of - animalistic sex, in various positions until there were no bodily fluids left - with probably not a good idea and did I want another drink?

I very rarely offer my vagina and heart with such ease, and to have my advances pushed back in my face immediately turned me to ice.  All the bitchiness I have inside of me was flung in the direction of Mr Smith.

I asked him to leave my general vicinity, and went off with someone else.  The look on his face will haunt me indefinitely.  I'm not sure why I went off with that other bloke.  Was it to prove I didn't belong to Mr Smith? Was it to punish him for being married?

I saw him later in the night and any remorse I had was displayed as anger.  Yet, I wasn't angry with him, I was angry with myself.


  1. i think you need more laughter in your life. Exercises more muscles than an orgasm and usually lasts longer too.

  2. Ah, those situations are always so fucked up. If he responds favorable, you're elated and guilt-ridden. If he doesn't, you're crushed and have to pull back. Probably a good idea to go with the other bloke!

  3. anyone will die to get taste of those lips !