Thursday, 4 February 2010

Young JT

A couple of mornings ago I met a man by chance. I smiled, almost on autopilot, he returned the smile.

It turned out he thought he was I his age (mid twenties) and he actually looked like a young @jtopper. His eyes were intense. His touch soft and his manner purposeful.

I'm not sure why younger men seem to the at eye level, and even less sure I actually like it.

I gave him my name, number, medical history and inside leg measurements within the first ten minutes, my, I probably would have divulged my PIN number had he dropped it into conversation.

God, I'm easy, but talking to him was easy.

What must have been the first thing he did as he left (my phone was a constant of vibration for the rest of the day) was message me "I'd like to take you out". Wow, if his confidence doesn't eat me alive, then I am determined mine will eat him alive!

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