Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Talking with a female friend and she disclosed that she found unavailable men attractive, more so than those free and single without any ties.

Without (my albeit hypocritical) mention of the married man, I thought about it and openly disagreed. On the whole I find unavailable men, just that unavailable and frankly less attractive. I am not one for sneaking around but more than that I don't like to be second, or third, or even fourth.
I want to be number one and will not apologise for that!

I value honesty high, if a man can be strategically and consistently dishonest,
I find that a turn off. I am reminded of a saying with regard to ending a discontent relationships: “A man doesn't get off a bus unless a taxi is waiting.”.  How attractive!
Again, I want a man who is strong enough to discover that being happily single has greater advantages than being unhappy in a relationship.
I've added this to my ongoing list of 'ideal qualities in a man'. Yeah, that list is not only growing, but increasingly unrealistic. See point 27: “Must be called... Joaquin Phoenix”!

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  1. haha, I have a list too. One of them may be "looks good in a suit and/or kilt".

    But I know what you mean. Whether a man is attractive has nothing to do with the single or not status. If she finds unattached men more attractive, I'd say that's because she has committment issues. Because you never have to have a relationship with them! But I could be wrong.