Wednesday, 17 February 2010

That was quick!

Considering I have been known to complain about lack of orgasms, I actually get quite embarrassed about the speed I can come to climax.

I was once straddling an ex, we were both wearing jeans and I spontaneously orgasmed, I coughed to cover the extreme pleasure I was feeling.  Later, after my *coughing fit* had died down, my boyf asked if I had come as my knickers were sopping.

I instantly blushed and nodded.

He laughed and asked why I hadn't said anything?  I felt silly, I came without being touched, by hand, cock or tongue and we hadn't been kissing for long.  I was intensely turned on and couldn't stop it, I didn't want to stop it.  

Recently, through the power of phone sex, I kept up the pretence I hadn't come to orgasm for about five minutes, where in fact, I came in the first twenty seconds. 

Why?  Because I didn't want to let the side down and secondly, I was enjoying it!

Even now, I use coughing as a disguise, when I need one.

This week I am mainly concentrating on trying to control my orgasms.  As I feel myself climax, I take slow deeper breaths, and then calm my hand movements to a light stroke until I feel like I can continue.


  1. Why so embarassed? Orgasms are for sharing! Have you any idea what it does to a man to have a woman orgasm under his touch? I can tell you, it is sexy as hell, and you can always come back for seconds!

  2. Perhaps an opportunity to challenge yourself? As in, first orgasm in ten seconds, and second, third, 28th within half an hour? There are certainly less fun ways to while away an evening!