Sunday, 14 February 2010

'Saint' Valentine

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day.  Even as a teenager, I was filled with angst of sending a card to the wrong boy, so much so my aloofness wouldn't allow it.  I preferred to appear rude than interested.  Heaven forbid I actually showed a liking for the opposite sex!

There is never the right time for faux or even forced romance.  There is a reason V-Day sounds like VD.


Ergh! The sloppiness that surrounds the prelude to Valentine's Day, the hearts, chocolates and trying to justify being single.  I would normally forget the romance and head straight to kinky sex.  This year was a little different, we went out to cheer up a recently single friend.  Danger struck a chord as the first round of drinks was followed with a tequila chaser, and that was just the first round!

The new relationship

The New Year new relationship which hits five or six weeks with *bang* V Day.  I have been on the receiving and giving end of the conversation which goes like this: "I like you, you like me, let's not go overboard though, a quiet nigh in?".  Anything to avoid the couples only for one night in the intimate Italian place that you thought no one else knew about.

The long-term relationship

Nothing like surviving a Christmas full of in-laws and having sex scheduled three times a year; his birthday, your birthday and *shudder* Valentine's Day, to make one realise that something is wrong.  Edible knickers should not be reserved for one day per year.

One can't win.  Except of course unless you count the retail industry! 

So I propose to make everyday Valentine's Day.  Let's pop on the cute underwear, put arguments off for another day and genuinely listen, saviour and devour one another.

Happy Valentine's Day xx


  1. 'Intimate Italian place'...Pah! Chance would be a fine thing! Last year we were told in no uncertain terms by Son NOT to go to our favourite Italian on Valentine's Day because he would be entertaining his GF there!

    Of course H. and I love each other 24/7 and never stop expressing it in one way or another, but the practicalities of life are such that we can't go out to our favourite restaurant every night of the week. Valentine's day is just a convenient way of having a special day (but by no means the only day)just for ourselves and shutting out everything else for a little while

  2. Fat Controller & H

    I bloody love hearing about your relationship! Each time I feel slightly pessimistic you leave a message full of combination of love, sex and passion or I read you blog and that has the same effect! xx