Sunday, 28 February 2010

Popular toast accompaniments

Thinking about giving internet dating a shot, although I have dipped my toe in those muddy waters before, I looked at the empty space where my self-description would have to be riveting, entertaining and cute without a trace of arrogance nor nymphomania.

And really what can one say that provides a summation on such a varied character: I like Marmite, but not peanut butter.  I like jam, but not marmalade. And why does everything (in my list of pros and cons) happen to be based on popular toast accompaniments?
Mr Smith has come to the rescue.  I asked him if he would write a paragraph for me for a MySingleFriend-type website and he agreed.

Watch this space.


  1. I get the impression you don't need to say much if your picture is attractive. Just say "I'm a real woman looking for a real man" and I bet you'll get lots of dates.

  2. What is the MySingleFriend-type site if not MSF? Didn't realise any others had that option. Although obviously, you can get someone else to write something on any site...