Wednesday, 3 February 2010

" cure is sex. The dirtier the better."

"When I am feeling low, my cure is sex.  The dirtier the better."

Synonymous with over-eating or an alcoholic?  When stressed, I could always 'do' with a glass of wine, but won't unless in the company of others. 

I deal with stress using sex. It calms me.  It makes me feel better. It is my sunshine.  And the more stressed I am, the more animalistic the sex is.

The majority of the time, masturbation hits the spot, sometimes wanking works better than a man who isn't sure where the itch is, with or without directions.

If I don't have a morning and evening wank I get a little cranky...

Yes, this morning, I was running late and couldn't fit one in, can you tell?


  1. Hmm, I've never been a morning wanker. Twice in the evening suits me.

  2. I've done the morning play session, it's quite refreshing!!!!

  3. Don't trust anyone who tells you they don't masturbate, particularly if it's true.
    And, watch out for lovers who don't beg you to do it in front of them, or love doing it for you.