Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lay back and think of...

I met up with an on/off lover at the weekend, for drinks and dinner. Even though we hadn't seen each other naked for other a year, the chemistry was as intense as it has always been.

As we returned to mine, he turned to me, kissed me firm on the mouth and stated: "..you know we're not going to sleep together tonight?". My response was something along the lines of "what are you doing here then, you've missed the last train!?".

We fell through the front door in a heap of giggles.

While kissing, he explained that he had a urinary tract infection and didn't want to do anything involving his penis, I licked his lips and warmly said he could stay, and seeing as he was here we could also cuddle.

That didn't mean I had to go without! He went quickly from teasing me, to my knickers off, and his tongue drowning my clitoris.

Maybe in the back of my mind, subconsciously, I was waiting for my period. But all of a sudden I felt awkward, uneasy, I wanted to reciprocate but couldn't. I wanted to go from him going down on me to a 69 or penetration. I should have been able to just enjoy it, but it felt perfunctory, like going through the motions.

I couldn't help but think did he really have a urinary tract infection or was it something worse, an STD perhaps? I casually joked to that effect, he laughed, a little too hard!!


  1. Ouch! Well at least he told you something! Better to have him lie and have you not get something than nothing, I say. Disappointing though.

  2. I still can't my finger on it! Literally and figuratively.

    Something was deeply askew...