Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Just friends

Last night's social experiment was erm... interesting?!

Starting the night with champagne, dinner in my favourite central London haunt, followed by great entertainment, more alcohol and laughs all round, that is until the night ended abruptly.

I would declare the night a success.

I flirted outrageously, I had fun, I let my guard down, not necessarily in that order. I flirted innocently though. Mr Smith already has a Mrs Smith, and after my recent experiences of being intimate with a married man, it was an experience I am not willing to repeat.

So can men and women be just friends?

Yes, sometimes it may mean replacing the was-that-flirting-question-mark with innocent banter.

Yes, you can be yourself.

Yes, being friends is better than not being friends.

Although I had forgotten that drinking on a school night might not have been the best of ideas.

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