Monday, 22 February 2010



An ex, an old ex, an ex from years and years ago, happens to be lovely, helpful and good at what he does.

I need my car fixed, and he has offered to sort it out.

When I flatly put it to him that I would pay him, he said to me the cost would be approximately nothing.  After a few protests from me, we settled on me cooking him dinner. 

I know that if he comes over after work, it will get late, a glass of wine or two will lead to it being too late, you know, to head home.

So many reasons why this isn't a good idea...

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  1. well.......i know this may be an old post.....but doing that might lead to fooling around....and you do not want to do that BUT.....we are humans...and temptations come's knocking on our doors that havn't been open a while. Besides you don't want to get your feelings involved......but im sure you know that.....