Tuesday, 9 February 2010


To the disdain of a (female) friend, I went out with the ex-lover (Bruce) on Saturday after, get this, I was asked out by Young JT.

Young JT suggested going out on the one night I wasn't available, I replied with "the weekend is pretty much open" and he didn't get back to me until Saturday morning to ask how things were?

In the interim, Bruce asked if I was busy on Saturday night, and my calendar was free.

I explained to my friend if I waited for all possibilities with a man were exhausted from meeting, one of us proposing a drink to deciding not to see each other again before engaging/pursuing a second man and so on, I might still be 'working things out with a teenage sweetheart'.

I owed Young JT less than nothing, although my girl friend thought otherwise?!

Although it did make me think, how I crave sex.  Or do I?  Is it merely I am accustomed to lots of sexual activity that my body awaits it, like sustenance?

I often wonder if maybe my body has a chemical imbalance or am I simply a gay man trapped in a female body?


  1. I think if Young JT is worth waiting for, it's worth him waiting! Why are you supposed to get off at one bus stop when you could be enjoying the journey?

    And, whilst I'm no one to talk about craving sexual activity, I can assure you I get nowhere near the same amount and I drive myself almost insane with the need for it. Maybe it's a chemical imbalance? Maybe we're just all sluts trapped in slutty bodies (albeit in my case, a slut dressed as a nun).

  2. I think these are 2 separate issues. You don't owe YoungJT anything! IF he wanted to go out with you, should have asked earlier. Can't answer the second one, lol.

  3. UntilProven

    Is this a case of cross-dressing? Dressed as a Nun?

    Life Begins...

    Thanks for the comment, it made me chuckle.