Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Opportunity Knocks

For the first time in a long while I have no idea where or when my next shag will be coming from, there was hesitation of saying goodbye to Jason's body, but I'm not usually one needing to have a replacement standing by.

The last day or so seem to have presented a strange selection of opportunities:

Mr Married

The married man got back in touch, although I've told him I am seeing someone and I'm not going to go back there, my stomach turned over. In a good way, or in this case a bad way. I hope that by naming him the Mr Married, he will be the last married man in my life.
In the words of Rudyard Kipling - "Never look backwards or you'll fall down the stairs".

Master Enigma

A 23-year-old that intrigues me, and is into me. So why do I feel so weird about it. Age is just a number, right?! We're hopefully going out this weekend.

The Mask

We met at a party before Christmas. He asked for my number, I didn't think he would call, but he did (eventually). First to say he was busy until after Christmas, but then again last night. The problem is, I can't really remember what he looks like. As I recall, he was tall(ish), dark(ish) and funny(ish), but the call last night was fantastic, full of laughter. We are due to meet up for a safe(ish) coffee one lunchtime next week.


  1. Go on a date with all of them, except for the married man that is.

    Age IS only a number, but as I found out to my peril, sexy 20 year old boys might not be looking for the same things as you are, something I found out during my brief dalliance with Mr Sexy 20yr Old...


  2. We're only on this planet once it aint no rehearsal, make the most of what you enjoy most, yeah you may get hurt along the way , who doesn't? If ya want it go get it, just avoid the ones with wedding rings on :)