Monday, 11 January 2010

An open letter to Will Smith

An open letter to Will Smith, no, not that one, the other one.

This Will Smith is a British stand-up comic, he is more than just a stand-up comic but I'm just concentrating on the stand-up bit for now...

Dearest Will,

It was a delight to see you live. When you were introduced to an audience who politely applauded although we were a little bemused to be presented with a white upper-class Brit and not the black Hollywood mega-star but still. (I lie, considering the location, it would have been very unlikely to have had that Will Smith make an appearance.)

You blew all exceptions out of the water. I was prepared for safe and maybe elitist humour, what I could not predict was for you to start with jokes surrounding the performing of cunnilingus on a woman.

I am by no means a prude, but maybe next time you could ask if any audience were there with their parents and spare some of our blushes.

Yours ever so,

Thirty xx

I may have a blase attitude towards sex, men and relationships, but still the thought of discussing sex with some family members, especially in the company of my father is a no-no! 

And what an impression I must have made with my parents, considering they didn't give me the low down on the birds and bees until five years after I lost my virginity.

Moral of the story: An oldie but a goodie - don't judge a book but its cover.

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  1. I love Will Smith. Both of them. In very different ways. But yes this one is very, very funny. Though he didn't do a sketch on "eating out" when I saw him. Shame.

    Love the blog you kinky female.

    Bird x