Friday, 8 January 2010

Men vs. Women

Are men from Mars and women from Venus? Who gets the better end of the stick?

Earlier today, I was sitting behind a group of men, I am guessing they were in their early twenties. At first, I was interrupted by their boyish banter, but soon enough I was engaged in earwigging eagerly.

After catch-ups of Christmas, football and work, the conversation inevitably turned to girls. And I started to think how different the two sexes are, and who does have the better deal:

Man 1: "I love nothing more than going down on a woman..."
I don't think I have ever heard my female friends talk about blow jobs with such glee.  If anything the opposite.  One female friend has a points system, when her boyfriend reaches 30 points he is rewarded with a blow job.

Man 2: "So.. she had this top on, and every now and then I could get a glimpse of boob."
Are men so deprived of breasts that a v-neck provides wank fodder for the rest of the week?

Man 3: "Foreplay is hoovering..." 
Need I say more?!

The jury is out!

Politics aside, I love being a woman, there are times though where I would happily trade it in just to be able to wee standing up! Although these are usually when my micro-bladder and I are stuck waiting for a tube.


  1. I prefer getting a glimpse of my girlfriend's stomach/hip/back when stretching/reaching for something. It's the bits that she doesn't want to show off that get me going.

    (Not that I complain at the bits she want me to see) :p

  2. I must be the laziest lover in the world ever. Still they seem to enjoy it enough so I guess I must be doing something right. One of the advantages of the current sexual climate is the amount of women that feel they have to show off how good they are in bed, its like going into a guitar shop and everyone nonchalantly playing their best piece. Makes things much easier for us guys.

  3. My best friend is a girl and she loves giving blow jobs. Loves it.

  4. Haha brilliant post! You are so right about men talking about catching a glimpse of a girl's boobs down her top, or the classic pointy nipples that they all seem to love so much.

    Oh and you can wee standing up if you want. There's a thing called a Shewee that lets you do exactly that (if you really want!).