Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Holy Trinity

When I think back over the last year and try to work out what has changed, and much has, I realise I am missing something...

What I am missing is The Holy Trinity. Not in religious terms, The Holy Trinity was a term for three of my closest male friends. I was an honorary member of the group but never fully paid up.

In the last year they have each met a girl, settled down, and now either co-habiting or married.

Never to be seen again.

There is the occasional text, or usually polite decline to whichever party I have invited them to. They each missed my birthday for individual personal reasons and didn't even enquire into New Year.

I miss the testosterone, banter and fun that comes from a group of male friends. Without them in my life I feel the need to replace that testosterone.

As a female friend (to them at least) I have expired, past my best before date, surplus to requirement.


  1. Have they left your life because you became "surplus to requirement" or, as is the case quite often, because their partners/wives have put an embargo on female friends?

    Either way it's a sad situation, one I've been in before and it tends to make one more reluctant to enter into that type of friendship again.

  2. It is sad when friends grow apart. Moving to and away from university took it's toll on me social circle. But hey ho, it's all part of life I guess

  3. Cripesonfriday

    A bit of both. One of the girlfriends does openly have a problem with his female friends. Sad but true!

  4. :(

    That's just not right! If they were your real friend, meeting another girl shouldn't have anything to do with it! I in fact steal my male friends away from their SO's quite frequently ;)

    Male companionship, even if just friends, is entirely different than a girl one. Maybe find another?

  5. I can commiserate. I've always been the "safe" female friend, being in a relationship, but I've heard the stories of bile-spitting green eyed monster girlfriends. Either you've been blacklisted by your friends' partners, or they've grown apart from you (all at the same time, though? Perhaps there was an incident of some sort).

    There is something special about having male friends that just doesn't happen with women. Hope you either get your posse back, or find a newer and more awesome one instead!