Monday, 4 January 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Top films of the noughties (S - Z)

My top films of the last decade - continued...

Please note:
1. I'm sure I have left some important films off! Maybe I haven't seen them, maybe I didn't like them or maybe I have just forgotten them. It took a friend to remind me of '28 Days Later...'.
2. I am biased towards those films I saw at the cinema.
3. I am biased towards those films I saw at the cinema and then bought on DVD.
4. I am biased towards those films I saw at the cinema because of who I saw the film with
5. I am biased.
6. I've purposefully tried to add as few spoilers as possible.
7. After attempting to get them into some sort of order of preference, they are merely in alphabetical order. You try putting Wall-E up against City of God...

Sex And Lucia
Recommended to me by Obi-Wan Kenobi, my first deliberate 'European Art-house' purchase.

Shaun Of The Dead
Best Zom-Rom-Com EVER!!

A mainstream orgy.

The Squid And The Whale
"Hey you, out there in the cold, Getting lonely, getting old, Can you feel me?".

Star Trek XI It exceeded my expectations and reinstated my love for the series from the 1960s.

Team America: World Police
Will the names Matt Damon or Alec Baldwin said aloud ever be the same again? And one of the strangest
censorship interventions considering the sex scene was between consenting puppets... [Trailer no longer available to copyright issues...]

Tell No-One Paranoia vs The Man (in French).

This Is England
Long may Shane Meadows be allowed to make films.

28 Days Later... After seeing this film, I walked home from the cinema at gone midnight. A poor young bloke armed with a kebab scared the bejesus out of me and subsequently was on the receiving end of my ascending and almost deafening fear.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Woody Allen does Europe.

Volver I love Almodovar's work, with kudos to his strong female characters. In Volver there is a lovely sentimentality regarding the particular flatulence of the protagonist's mother.
"Love is a burning thing".

WALL-E "Wall-E, Evvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". 
Interesting to see how this perfect animation has commonalities with an adult albeit less mature Idiocracy.


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