Tuesday, 5 January 2010

12 Days of Christmas: A Quick Recap

Have the 12 Days of Christmas ever felt sooooooooo long?  There is now a sad tree looking very naked in the hallway.

Here's our Graham with a quick reminder:

12 Days of Christmas - You'd Better Be Naked
Christmas, a few years back,
 the love of my life and I were on an air-bed at one of our parent'sGoing on a search for beverages or a trip to the toilet, I can't recall which, he turned to me and jokingly said 'you'd better be naked when I get back'...

12 Days of Christmas - Last Christmas

In my calendar scheduled for 10:00 today, I have the entry...

12 Days of Christmas - Mistletoe and Wine 
Diary entry from December 2006.  Last night - at a party - no chance of pulling - it's just close friends...

12 Days of Christmas - Do you not know who I am?
Mr Maybe Next Time asked nothing of me, didn't question or challenge me and maybe that is the real reason I stayed with him...

12 Days of Christmas - Top Six Festive Songs

This time of year brings out the romantic in me musically.  As such, I'm in the mood for dancing and romancing.  My favourite Christmas tunes:

12 Days of Christmas - A-Z
Diary entry from December 2008 (I almost don't recognise my words, it sounds like I answered the questions in a rush). A. Available: And willing... Age: 30 and loving it. Annoyance: People who walk slowly... in busy places...

...Which is why I can recommend wholeheartedly Moxie in the City and her amazing blog 'And THAT'S Why You're Single'. 

12 Days of Christmas - Thank you

This blog was initially an outlet and escape for my sexual thoughts...

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Past

...To my horror the condom split, I think there was a small amount of pride in him, that his manhood had managed to split the condom...

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Present
The last hour has been spent googling that one ex who has seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, and why?

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Future
Taking into consideration my resolutions from last year, I am reminded of the words of Oscar Wilde "Good resolutions are simply cheques that men draw on a bank where they have no account".

12 Days of Christmas - My top films of the noughties
Please note:
1. I'm sure I have left some important films off! Maybe I haven't seen them, maybe I didn't like them or maybe I have just forgotten them. It took a friend to remind me of '28 Days Later...'.
2. I am biased towards those films I saw at the cinema.
3. I am biased towards those films I saw at the cinema and then bought on DVD.
4. I am biased towards those films I saw at the cinema because of who I saw the film with
5. I am biased.
6. I've purposefully tried to add as few spoilers as possible.
7. After attempting to get them into some sort of order of preference, they are merely in alphabetical order. You try putting Wall-E up against City of God...

(A - F, G - L, M - R, S - Z

And finally my take on the oh-not-in-this-case-innocent carol '12 Days of Christmas'.

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