Wednesday, 16 December 2009

WTF Buddy?!

Reading Moxie's post on how to find a sex buddy made me appreciate the chemistry I have with Jason, which contradicted the yearning for something with more substance together with the doubts that were festering in me earlier.
Until, that is, Jason emailed to cancel.
As disappointment was setting in, I was disgruntled and put out mainly because of the effort I had already put into seeing him. A waxing appointment, outfit, purchase of stockings, extended fantasy scenarios... And secondly I was worried I may be sexually dependent on him.
In the time it has taken me to type this, try to change my waxing appointment, make a coffee and sit down, Jason called to ask if the next night would be good for me...
With mild annoyance that I could be so easily available, my breezy response was "I think I can do that...".
I am weak (in the knees). I suppose I am accommodating because he is, I have had to postpone before, but I like the fact that I am sexually satiated when I see him.
How to find a fuck buddy? Don't look for one*.
Like most irksome situations in life, the moment you stop looking, one falls in your lap or like a bus - you wait ages for one then three come along at once!
*Although expect to see some of my valiant attempts posted at some point, there is one particular Craigslist incidence that still makes me blush.
And don't rule out future efforts, though if that happens again - I will start with a quick recap to Moxie's post. Which certainly has a more than interesting take on expectations, mental and emotional investment, safety (general and sexual), types of men and correspondence...

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