Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tiger's Wood

Why the surprise?
Tiger Woods - an attractive, successful, wealthy, professional sportsman was caught with his putter in a woman/women, other than his wife.
And as this family man's liaisons are being paraded in the news, how ironic that society is judging his hypocritical behaviour yet revelling in every detail and comparing each new kiss and tell with the last.
I'm not exactly sure how is he hypocritical? Tiger's not a politician publicly campaigning family values nor is he a man of the cloth breaking his promise of celibacy, he is however, paid A LOT of money to endorse products bought by people who do hold the sanctity of marriage and the associated values dear.
When you consider the products and brands he represents, even though they are predominately male, women still buy these for their men. It will be interesting to see the media's stance adapt with any possible altercations with Tiger's endorsements.
Is is a quiet newsweek or is it with each new dawn and new lover of Tiger appears?
Both the news and the internet are buzzing with analysis into why powerful cheat, some examples:
Why do powerful men cheat? Because they can. Because human nature is delicate and capricious.
Being powerful aside for just a minute. Humans, male and female, are capable of cheating, whether attractive, successful, wealthy or all of these.
And of course, this shows, sex still ultimately sells [newspapers at least]!


  1. My thoughts exactly. Hey, I had an affair with him, too. LOL

  2. to be honest, i think tons of men cheat (and no i'm not just slagging all of 'em off 'coz i also think there are those who don't and won't). it's just that tiger woods is in the public eye. and hence the dirty laundry of his multiple transgressions is aired for the whole world to gawk at.

  3. Appollom

    Hey, who hasn't?!



  4. Speaking as an avid consumer of his Tiger Focus energy drink, I don't feel it'll ever taste the same now that I know what Tiger focuses on in his spare time. Shocking!

    I feel betrayed, really. Let's not even go into the bonfire I had to make of all the other Tiger-endorsed products in my back garden over the weekend. You have no idea how badly trainers smell when you burn five pairs of them at once.


    Joe St. Imonius, golfing enthusiast

  5. Tiger's main problem is that his wife is the only one who thought she was sleeping with him for money. I love all the porn stars in their thirties who are admitting sleeping with Tiger and look forward to a whole rash of movies entitled things like "in the nineteenth hole with Tiger" and "A whole in One" when they were originally signed up to make "Suburban Mom's Go Bad" or "MILF hunter XXII".

  6. Toni

    As ever a delightful insight!

  7. Fuck it, I was on Tigers side, until he started blubbing like a girl and decided he would stop actually doing the one thing that made him extraordinary. Doesn't make any difference, his wife is going to leave him anyway - this is the pay-off for her. I mean what has she got to lose she knows she is in line for a major amount of dough. She has been humiliated in public, which women hate almost as much as they love fame earned or reflected. She is going to make him suffer and bollocks to him if it affect his future sponsorship deals. His press announcement was crap, he really should have taken some advice from Michael Jordan rather than tun around to his wife and say here are my testicles would you like them mounted by Tiffany's as earrings.