Monday, 7 December 2009

Tap and unwrap?

An offer worth considering:
I was planning to daringly offer it [his anal virginity] to you for your birthday!
I've booked a hotel, which I retire to and go to sleep. At a given signal you arrive, in darkness, strap on, and fuck me up the arse.
Anyway, that's your present. Up to you whether or not you choose to unwrap it... er, so to speak.


  1. If I offered my rear-end to a girlfriend I might get a hot poker shoved up it. What a thoughtful gift! I was once drinking in the whiskey bar at a plush five star hotel in London and got into a conversation with a professional dominatrix. I asked her if she ever saw any of her clients outside of work and she said she could never respect a man who let himself be fucked in the ass.

  2. Would that be a case of mixing business with pleasure?