Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sexual tolerances

With the recent, albeit brief, dalliance with Quiet Boy I had forgotten how nervous he was after a long spell without sexual activity.
Usually this happens if a) he hasn't had sex in a while or b) he is thinking it might happen.
My tips for dealing with this:
- Ask for a quickie, you'd be surprised when he is supposed to finish quickly he doesn't!
- When he says he's going to come with a slight panic in his voice, I say go for it, fuck me as hard as he can. If it's going to be quick it might as well be a good hard fuck. Once he has climaxed I reassure him how good it feels when he is inside of me, and usually the quicker he finishes, the quicker we can go again!
- Go really slowly, almost at a tantric speed, allowing the penis fully out before penetrating again, together with small kisses and strokes on the neck and breasts. If I feel him close to ejaculation, I go even slower.
- With all this going on, my forewarning of "I'm going to come..." gets postponed from minutes before I am to mid or even as my orgasm is coming to an end, as these words have an immediate effect, but will cause us to climax together.
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  1. You mean us guys get judged on this? Now I know where I have been going wrong.