Thursday, 24 December 2009

Salacious Syndication

A collection of links, articles and more that have amused, titillated or educated me (these may have already been tweeted or highlighted via other social networking doo-dahs):

- A respected scientist set out to determine which drugs are actually the most dangerous and discovered...
- MIT team wins Darpa's treasure hunt in less than one day
- Victoria Coren: "Thank you, but the last thing I want is a 'Horny Christmas'"
- Laid bare: the sex life of the ancient Greeks in all its physical glory

- Sand painting extraordinaire
- X Factor vs Rage Against The Machine 
Pillow talk 


- How Lars von Trier's Antichrist was sold around the world.
Does Social Networking Kill the Author Mystique?
- Shaun Of The Dead pics
- Using self-love to end conflict.

- Mucus membranes and cayenne peppers are not friends.
- Moxie: She wants to know just how cold she can be before a man dumps her
- 4 Ways Text Messaging Changed Dating
- Marriage. It's Complicated. Is It Worth It?
The Most Ridiculous Penis Stories Of 2009
- BDSM: Is It a Sin? | revelife
- Spanking Incident Incited by Houmous
- Does Lingerie Make You Feel More Confident?

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