Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Prophylactic power

Following an almost invisible World Aids Day, I don't recall seeing any red ribbons last week, not only available for sale/donation but in general. And in contrast I do recall seeing the continued coverage about wearing poppies on television.
Lori Smith has written a great article for BitchBuzz about HIV awareness and condoms.
I feel sad that we still have a no-talk attitude towards sex and in particular safe sex.
I am surprised that I have to reach for a condom seconds before penetration without it even being discussed in advance. If I don't have condoms on me, I make sure I voice concerns of or lack of physical prophylactics before clothes are being ripped off.
Worryingly, only two of my recent partners (say, in the last two years) have specifically spoken about protection before getting stuck in! And perhaps two more have been able to magically make condoms appear upon my request.
It's been a long time since I have engaged in regular sex without a condom. I don't particularly like condoms - there I said it! It's not just the feeling, it's the fluidity of the action, but that doesn't change my attitude to using them - they are a MUST!
On a plus side however, they do tend to the messiness of a man's ejaculation - and there is the relationship-changing special time and place, where you agree to be exclusive, and get tested for STDs, decide to ditch the condoms and use a less intrusive contraceptive.

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