Saturday, 12 December 2009

"My wife doesn't understand..."

I received a random Facebook friend request. Usually I would ignore it, but curiosity got the better of me:
Me: Hi there, sorry but do we know each other? (His profile pic was of a right hand wrapped round a pint of lager-like-liquid.)
Him: Hey, we met the other night, I'm your friend's ex-boss and you mocked my choice of music...
[Two minutes later]
Him: So are you going to accept my friend request?
Me: Well, not meaning to be rude, I reserve that for friends.
Him: I think you're lovely, I think we could be more than just friends...
Me: Aren't you married?
Him: Sort of...
Me: Are you seriously giving me the "wife doesn't understand me..."?
Him: Why, would that work?
Me: Cliché!
It's safe to say, I didn't accept the friend request. One would think if anything seeing Tiger's much-publicised affair would be the ultimate deterrent...


  1. I should think that the fact that you mocked his taste in music is far more off-putting than the marriage thing. You can have a steamy affair with someone who is married, but if she ridicules your taste in music the relationship is doomed.

  2. Seriously, hitting on you via facebook. Talk about a cowards approach. That ALMOST as big a turn-off as the married thing.

  3. Tiger Woods had an affair? Fuck man, why do these things never get reported?

  4. Toni

    A man that can recite Take That songs on demand needs to be mocked.


    It was so lame!

    Plenty of...

    Always the last to know?