Thursday, 3 December 2009

More Fuckability TV

If I may add to the extremely sexy British men on American TV, I would like to put the below forward for some serious consideration:
Jackson Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam)
A programme concentrating on the gang warfare, fighting, drinking and sexing of a motorcycle club, think leather and testosterone central. The loving Jackson is the only gang member that seems to have any trace of morals, but that doesn't mean he's adverse to looking after his own and some...
You may remember Charlie Hunnam as a teenager in Queer as Folk and he has grown into a lovely man together with a near-believable American accent. Plus he looks like he has the softest lips.
Lloyd Simcoe (played by Jack Davenport) and Mark Benford (played by Joseph Fiennes)
The show
feels similar to Lost (I only saw the first series, but Lost had a dramatic start explained by FlashBacks, and this has a dramatic start explained by FlashForwards, either way, it's entertained me.
Two of the hottest Brits, Jack with his very-British accent and Joseph donning a newly acquired American twang it's near-impossible to choose between them, which unfortunately is one of the side plots involving Mark's wife.
Lloyd and Mark both seem like decent men plagued by their own demons, as I've said before perfection isn't always attractive, they are both in the need of a good seeing to! Which one will win though? Eeny meeny miny moe... I'd go for Davenport.
How on earth could I forget Gossip Girl & Californication
Chuck Bass & Balt, both played by Ed Westwick
Young, spunky with his sexual prowess just oozing out!
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