Thursday, 3 December 2009

Meeting Men

I overheard a pair of girls complaining about men, specifically men in bars and men on the internet. Their criticism was:
Men in bars
Only after one thing, and any one-off hook-ups then ruin their favourite drinking haunts.
Men on the internet
"It's not natural" they proclaimed, whilst chewing through what looked like a kilo of lettuce.
I have to agree about some men in bars. I have a few favourite pubs and would hate to feel awkward about visiting them.
I beg to differ with their take on internet dating being unnatural. Non face to face contact is as old as time - Henry VIII via messengers requested pictures to be painted and interest sought of potential wives throughout Europe. Not shags, wives, the [next] woman to share his throne with.
Taking into consideration I've met most of my partners through friends at parties or through work, there has been the occasional successful pub/club and internet-aided relationship starter!
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