Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mad About NY

In a weird not-that-nostalgic trip to my teenage years, I have started watching nineties sitcom Mad About You.
I remember watching it sporadically but I think that has more to do with my mother's interest in the male lead Paul (played by Paul Reiser), than my wanting to watch the programme surrounding the lives of a newly married couple. I'm pretty sure I was busy being a precocious teenager at the time!
So far, I am filled with a delightful and comedic view into relationships, some episodes resonated with me:
Jamie (the female lead, played by Helen Hunt) pretends that she first watched Casablanca with Paul: "I was 27, did you think you were the first man to try and show me Casablanca?"
Sex Tape
The protagonists retrieve their should-have-disposed-of sex tape.
I've often fantasised about bringing in a video camera into the bedroom, this particular episode is the PERFECT example of why it is a bad idea. I recall reading somewhere that the affordable home camcorder was invented for bedroom activities - this could be a distortion from reality [citation needed].
The Brits
The uptight neighbours are British, and in a stereotypical stiff upper lip kind of way. Is this how we all seem to Americans? Opera loving aside.
A fleeting guest appearance from Andre Agassi and his hairpiece is obvious if you are looking for it. I'm not saying it's synonymous with not knowing George Michael was gay [in the eighties] but still...
Wii Tennis
An episode where a virtual reality game company is looking for investment, with hindsight of the would/wouldn't it be successful, fifteen years (without the crazy goggles) and the Nintendo Wii does fulfill just that, and I believe it's quite popular.
In a land without (a multitude of) mobiles, communication is relayed via pagers, phone boxes, answering machines and by post! It's not all completely analogue; Jamie keeps her diary on a 3.5" floppy disk.
Friends & Seinfeld
The appearance of characters from other New York shows of the time such as Seinfeld and Friends, yes, the characters (not just the actors).
New York, New York
I love New York, I especially love New York this time of year. I associate New York with some of my best times - yet all I can remember right now is yellow cabs, brunches, snow, insomnia by default and never being in.
I am in a romantic mood. I really should hibernate when I am feeling like this, I blame the snow.
I am only on season two (out of seven), so there may be more Mad About You to come...
Also, I may have to add Woody Allen films and Casablanca, actually the whole Humphrey Bogart back-catalogue to my Christmas Grinch film list.

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