Saturday, 5 December 2009

Give it to me baby

In contrast to my aroused state earlier yesterday by the time I saw Jason I was mighty miffed. The latter part of my afternoon a long and hard, I was close to pulling my hair out.
When we met up, his smile melted any irritation I had been feeling, the glimmer in his eyes showed his arousal. As per his message, I undressed him slowly and deliberately. When we kissed it was hard and fast. His erection was evident immediately.
With Jason still standing, I lubricated my chest and placed his cock in between my breasts, when he had nearly had enough, he pushed me back on the bed.
Rolling around on the bed, kissing and stroking, I am turned on by feeling the weight of a man in between my thighs, pushing them open. He makes a small moan when I massage his balls. He reaches to inside my knickers to find a very wet pussy indeed, he almost yanks my knicker off, I am left laying down with just stockings and suspenders on.
I whisper that I want him inside of me, he jumps up to reach for the condoms. He asks where I want it, I say him on top of me. It's been a while since we've slept together and I wanted to see his face. Although his sex face sometimes makes me want to laugh - in a good way!
The moment he entered me, any thoughts of reality, my day and week slipped away, he starts slow and ends hard, cramp nearly getting the better of him. As orgasm reached, we embraced trying to catch our breath.
After some pillow talk, inane chatter, I can't concentrate with the orgasmic feeling still running through my blood, we kiss. His penis pops up again.
This time he takes me from behind. His cock seems to tailor-fit my pussy, with each thrust there is a small surprise with how good it feels. When he pulls my hair, gently at first, and my pussy tightens a little more. We climax at the same time, well nearly, I think I came a minute of so before him. We fall into a heap on the bed.
When we are together it's amazing, although when we're apart I rarely think about him.

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