Friday, 4 December 2009


I am seeing Jason tonight and although I was looking forward to it, I am now nearly gagging for it.
He has just sent a message with his intentions:
When we get to yours, I want you to immediately drag me to your bedroom, take off my shirt, belt and jeans. I'll already have a bulging erection and I want you to take it in your hand...
I want to touch and caress every part of your fantastic body... ...slipping one finger in and then two whilst also flicking your enlarged clit.
Then you'll tell [me] exactly where and how you want me to fuck you...
Although this may not happen to the letter, I know that by the time we first kiss, I will already be moist, very moist indeed, who am I kidding? I'm aroused already.
Now men, that is foreplay in advance!


  1. Or sexual harassment if sent to the wrong person :p

    Have fun.

  2. Never thought I would hear anyone use the words enlarged clit in a conversation. You must have excited him, so I am guessing your quite hot and he is a lucky guy.

  3. Mike F

    Yes, otherwise that would be creepy!


    These are his tamer words, I have to censor most of it, he is one horny man.