Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Facebook - have some privacy please

What with Facebook updating their privacy settings - should you have logged into Facebook in the last few weeks, you will have no doubt been asked to confirm your privacy settings. Their default stance seems to be share everything, with everyone. I quickly ensured that my profile is under lock and key, which doesn't say much.
Stalker To my dismay though, an ex who I, in an post-break-up emotional upset defriended him on all social networks, blocked his email address and telephone number, only to regret it ten minutes later, has also updated his privacy settings. It's not that I want to get back together with him, I just enjoy the monthly online trips to his life, why? I cannot rationally explain it. Do I want to find out he can't live without me, has hit the bottle and can't hold down a job without my support? No, of course not. But, now I can't see his funny profile picture that makes me smile, I can't see that he is still the same person, I can't see that he smokes too much, actually I can't see that at he end of the day his overtly arrogant status updates annoy the bejesus out of me. Although has highlighted that I could and should be spending my time online more productively than seeing if the 'what if...' bloke from eons gone by is thinking of every second his iPhone is connected.
After defriending another ex, and I had to defriend him due to the torrent of abuse.
I couldn't understand how he could still see my every new friend and I would get a drunken texts along the lines of "Are you going to fuck [new male Facebook friend]?", little did I know he was signing in with his sister's account!
Why does it still feel like Facebook wants anything but privacy?!

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