Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dressing up

I am seeing Jason later this week, and although my emotional interest in him is waning, I can't help feel that I may always be physically attracted to him! I say this and just as I am thinking that maybe I should just stop seeing him and reserve my energy for someone I will emotionally grow with and...
...This line of thinking is completely shot as I then receive a message of some (naughty) sort from Jason and my loins are suitably excited. I've already prepared what I intend to wear and how I will direct him.
Jason will be the recipient of slutty Thirty, the result of one of his emails, where he said it would turn him on if I dressed up for him. I am going for french maid and intend to make him do the polishing! Sometimes I don't like taking the upper hand with him, however, the more we see each other, the more I relish such fantasies leading up to seeing him.


  1. Nothing wrong with a relationship based on physical attraction alone. In fact they are often the best, feeling obliged is one of the worst feelings ever. Like the idea of a girl dressing up as a French maid, perhaps that just appeals to the elitist in me. I never have been much for role play and such, but like every red-blooded man, I appreciate it when a girl makes the effort. Still sounds like a fun evening - keep us posted.

  2. As it happens, a few more saucy emails and I have a list of all the acts and positions I want us to do before the year is out!!