Sunday, 20 December 2009

Dressing for the occasion

I suggested that Jason meet at mine. As he arrived, I could see a little disappointment in his eyes as I was in a dressing gown and not my usual sexy attire.

Seconds later, as he removed the dressing gown, he was gobsmacked to find the costume he missed me wear at Halloween! Revealing dress, together with his favourite underwear and shoes, yes, he likes certain shoes.

His erection was evident immediately, in a reversal of the norm, he was naked, and undressing me, slowly. The urgency was apparent, I removed my shoes, not wanting him to be accidently on the end of a stiletto heel.

We had energetic sex all over.  Starting with my sofa, bent over, on the bed. 

I straddled him, as he penetrated me my body felt immediately satiated.  A short sigh of surprise followed by an satisfying moan.  As I climaxed, I slowed and couldn't get my on-top rhythm back and he graciously bent me over.

I have a sex toy that I have been waiting a long time to experiment with someone, he excitedly obliged me with assistance. The sex toy didn't make the sex any better or worse, it was just different. I think I wanted to try it and once we had, I realised I had got wrapped up into the trying new things mentality, than just enjoying each other's bodies.

I gave him his Christmas present, he was surprised, in a good way. It was my trademark thoughtful gift, his present wouldn't compare, not because he doesn't care, or maybe some of that, but because he doesn't really listen to me.

As he left, I felt nothing. My heart didn't yearn for him to stay, after physically craving to see him, emotionally I think I need more.  Although maybe it's just he stayed about three times too long.  Given a fortnight without him and surely I will be drowning in thoughts and fantasies of him.  What is it absence making my loins grow fonder?

Apologies if this sounds lacklustre it's because that's how I feel now that the post-orgasmic euphoria has evaporated.


  1. Sex by the numbers. It's never the same unless you get really attached to the person, but that leads to all kinds of other problems. Still seems like you both had a good time and any orgasm is better than no orgasm. Good to see you made an effort, but favourite shoes? I know its a big thing for some guys but as far as I am concerned they shoes just get in the way in the bedroom.

  2. I certainly have a favourite pair of 'fuck me' shoes that I like H. to wear. They have heels I can hang onto like handles when her legs are up in the air!